Quantum Controls

The company employs specialists, operating in the building and security systems industry for more than 10 years. The aim of the company is continuous development of the specialized BMS, SMS and PMS software intended for local integration and distributed as well as providing the industry partners with OEM solutions for technical infrastructure of monitoring subsystems.

In addition to production software, the company provides technical support and trainings for design offices and fully implement the BMS, SMS and PMS systems in cooperation with integrators in almost all types of facilities. The company deliver profiled OEM software for device manufacturers. Products based on our solutions are distributed sales networks under different brands.


Quantum Controls Sp. z o.o.
Al. 1000-lecia P.P. 4/216
15-111 Bialystok, POLAND

phone: +48 85 307 00 30
fax: +48 85 874 20 99

Technical service:
phone: +48 726 181 770
e-mail: info@qcontrols.pl

www.xbms.eu www.eaton.pl www.wago.pl
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